Wednesday, 25 May 2011

My little world - Part 1 by Honey Bear

Things I like:

  • Sleep
  • Chocolate
  • BBC4 documentaries
  • Chips on a Thursday
  • Pallling around the flat with Blue Bear and Eddie
  • Planning my next film
  • Being warm and cosy
  • Watching Frasier with Rachel and Rob
  • Mondays

I know I’m a very lucky little bear and there’s nothing I enjoy more than cosying up with Rob and Rachel and settling down to a few hours of TV and a few episodes of Frasier.  Raggle Taggle Eddie of course also enjoys watching his namesake on Frasier too.  I said in my last update I would introduce the Raggle Taggles (RTs).  Well, I’ve mentioned two of my closest chums, so let’s introduce them properly – Blue Bear and Eddie.

Blue Bear

If you’ve seen my first film (HB's Day Out), then you will already know Blue Bear, who had a scene stealing cameo appearance:

Blue Bear is General Manager of the RTs.  He oversees the day to day running of the gang, deals with any problems, sorts out the Thursday chip shop order and books days out.  A lot of the smaller RT’s see him as a big brother figure and go to him if they need some reassurance or are feeling tired or poorly.  He is a cheery bear, loves jazz, tea and cake and a good book.  I won’t always admit it, but I do often go to Blue Bear for advice and often let him get on with organising stuff – he’s much better at it than me!  He also is learning how to direct my next film!


Eddie joined the RT’s last year, after moving from the country to the bright lights of the city.

He has a condition which makes him somewhat flatter than some RT’s, but everyone looks after him and he’s fitted in so well we can’t remember a time without him.  He is close friends with RT Snowy and they like nothing more than to wait by the freezer and see if any ice lollies are going spare! Eddie loves Frasier and bombles around the flat humming the theme tune day and night, much to the RT’s amusement, but occasional annoyance when it’s at 3am in the morning and poor little Eddie is wide awake and can’t get to sleep.

Until next time, when I’ll update you on more Raggle Taggles and another day in the life of a little brown bear!  Thank you for joining me.


Monday, 2 May 2011

Bear on a Monday

I'm confused.  Have you seen my first film yet?  If not, have a look here (HB's Day Out )  Then you might understand what a Monday means to me and why I'm confused.

They're still here today.  Usually on a Monday, there are all the nasty alarms going off far too early for a bear and up they get, rustle and knock about and then in a flurry, leave the house for the day.  Then my week can begin.  This is when my world starts.  Please don't underestimate the life of a bear.  I'm a busy bee - well, no I'm not a bee, I'm a bear, but you know what I mean!

I have paperwork to catch up on - the monthly fish and chip shop bill is just one of the tasks which takes me a while - the Raggle Taggles (I'll introduce you them next time) have a large and confusing order which takes a while to sort out!  Then I catch up on the papers, market news and usually have a meeting or two in my diary.  After that, as is usual a bear needs a beauty nap, followed by a picnic in the park, home to tidy up before they're home again. 

Of course that is an important part of the day, no, let me change that.  It is a statutory requirement for all bears.  It has to be exactly as they left it.  Exactly.  You may think that there wouldn't be much to do.  Let me back-track a bit.  I don't live here alone.  There are also the Raggle Taggles.  They also start their world on a Monday.  They aren't always tidy.  So when I get back from my business meetings, it is all hands on decks to rectify their over-exuberance during the day!  Of course now and again, something gets left - a stray cushion on the floor, a few crumbs on the work surface and maybe a book left out.  Usually those little misdemeanours aren't noticed and we get away with it, sometimes a puzzled look, but they just carry out - usually jokingly blaming us! But the one we can't get away with, the offence that no one speaks of - is not making it back to one's place in time.  Being caught out, mid run back to our places.  It has happened.  I won't pretend that it hasn't.  We don't like to talk about it and generally it's over-looked.

So next time you get home from work...just have a closer look.  And if you do notice anything - please please please, keep it to yourself!