Sunday, 11 December 2011

HB hits the Big Screen!

Well it’s been a while since my last blog, completely unintentionally but it’s been an eventful couple of months in Raggle Taggle land!

It’s getting towards that time of the year when we all get very excited about the arrival of … Santa Bear ........anyway, more on that next time.

About a month or so ago, big news arrived at the Raggle Taggle newsdesk that my films were to be shown on the BBC Big Screen in Norwich! My little films on the Big Screen! Amazing. When I was told, I had to lay down in a dark room for half an hour and needed a large glass of squash to help revive me! I never imagined I’d reach such heights!

Blue Bear decided we needed to plan an announcement to the Raggles properly and they all shortly received an invitation to an event announcing the good news! Everyone turned up wondering what was happening, was the fish and chip budget being reduced, had the sweetie jar run dry...rumours were rife.

Blue Bear called for quiet and asked for attention. The Raggle Taggles hushed. Blue Bear asked what the BBC Big Screen in Norwich and Honey Bear had in common. A few confused Raggles came up with suggestions that it was being moved to the lounge, a couple thought they were having an outing to watch a new film. Finally Blue Bear made the announcement that the first three of HB's films were to be shown on the big screen. Well, pandemonium erupted. Fancy, Snowy and Moppy started running around yelling and wooping, Fido passed out and Albee and Eddie just stood in stunned silence. I called for champagne – though it suspiciously tasted like lemonade and the celebrations went on into the evening.

A few days later Blue Bear and I prepared for a trek over to the BBC Big Screen to see our hard work being shown to the good citizens of Norwich! We made some sandwiches and a flask of tea and took up our positions. We didn't have to wait long and we were rewarded with a brilliant showing of my films.

I was so excited Blue Bear had to tell me to calm down and we got some very strange looks!

It was a very exciting moment for us and I need to thank Becky Betts at the BBC for helping. It has since also been announced that my films are being shown at Big Screens across the country – so watch out for them in a city near you!

Next film? Well, watch this space in the next couple of weeks, we might have something very special just in time for Christmas! Look out for …. Santa Bear!

In the meantime, have a look at my films at HB Productions

Until next time, take care and keep warm.

Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Blue Bear takes the helm!

Hello, I’m Blue Bear and I’m taking the helm of the blog this month whilst HB has a rest after finishing his latest film.  I might even let you into a few secrets on daily life with HB! 

I know I’ve been mentioned before, but let me introduce myself properly.  My name is Blue Bear and my official title is ‘Director of Raggling’ for the Raggle Taggles.  I like reading The Times on a Sunday, I’m a bit of a sci-fi fan and love Torchwood and Dr Who, am partial to tea and scones and love rock n’roll.  My daily job means looking after finances, managing the fish and chip budget and the weekly order, delegating jobs, making bookings, organising events and generally making sure everyone is a happy raggle taggle.  Also introducing new member’s and buddying them with someone else to make them feel welcome in their new home.  And of course, dealing with any incidents.  You’ve already heard about Fancy getting stuck on top of the wardrobe of course, but there is often something going on.

Like a few days ago when HB was determined that Eddie needed an eye test.  We’re not sure where he concocted this idea, but think he dreamt it. He wouldn’t let it go however and in the end we set up a mini opticians in the lounge just to placate him! Sometimes that’s all it takes!

So, do you really want to know what it’s like living with HB?  Only if you can keep a secret?!

Being honest, it is mostly smooth running, fun and a very happy house and a very happy bunch of raggle taggles.  HB does have his quirks though.

He has recently taken to making somewhat outlandish claims!  These claims are getting more and more ridiculous by the week, however, usually the best policy is to just let him carry on, smile and he soon finds a new subject to talk about!
For example, some of his amazing claims have been:

He was the first bear on the moon apparently.  Before Armstrong, HB bounced out in his little spacebear suit. He then regaled us with tales of how it was fun to start with and he enjoyed having a bounce about but then realised he was a bit sleepy and could do with some tea and cake and a bit of a snooze.  According to HB that is.

How he wowed the audience at the RSC in Stratford with his award-winning, critically acclaimed performance in ‘The Merry Bears of Windsor’.

How he apparently turned down the lead role in ‘Bear without a cause’. The role then went to James Dean and the title changed...

And the other night whilst watching ‘ET’, he claimed that although it’s one of his favourite films, the ending isn’t strictly true as apparently ET lives round the corner in a mansion and is one of HB’s best mates.

To be honest there is rather a lot of this, but it’s what we love about him and why he makes the raggle taggles such a fun gang to be part of!

Anyway, that’s enough from me this month.  I’ve got to get on with some planning for the coming week, but first, while HB is still snoozing I think I’ve time to rest my paws, read the papers and enjoy a big mug of tea!

Remember though, next time you’re watching your favourite film.  If you think you see a little brown bear in the background or think the title of the film has changed, then perhaps HB’s outlandish claims aren’t so outlandish after all...!

Have fun and take care.

Blue Bear

Tuesday, 23 August 2011

There's no business like show business....

Following last month's high adventure with little Fancy getting stuck on top of the wardrobe, this month has been less adventurous but still very busy in the world of Honey Bear and the Raggle Taggles.

Recently a rumour swept through the raggles that two theatre roles would be up for grabs shortly.  Suddenly aspiring thespians emerged from the raggles, demonstrating their many talents at any given opportunity.

In fact it was the shyest Raggle Taggles which emerged as naturals.  Little Fido was the first to make an appearance.

Fido is one of the original members of the Raggle Taggles and was even in the gang before HB!  He's a shy little white dog who keeps a watchful eye over his section of the RT's - Moppy, Albee, Errol and Snowy.  He usually keeps a low profile but loves surfing the net and relaxing listening to music - he's very much a jazz fan.  He loves any documentaries on space and his favourite food is houmous.

Anyway, little Fido appeared and we thought he was going to introduce another raggle.  Instead he produced a cape and a wand and proceeded to dazzle the Raggle Taggles with amazing magic tricks.  Fido received rapturous applause and announced his show is to be known as 'The Amazing Fido & his Box of Tricks'.

Next up came Hedgie.  Hedgie is a little brown hedgehog.  He is a firm favourite amongst the raggles and loves a good sing song on a Friday night.  He often marches everyone into the lounge and puts a record on.  In fact once he even entered everyone into a singing competition!  Hedgie loves hanging out with Albee and causing mischief, in fact if there any socks missing, Hedgie usually has a guilty grin on his face.  After a bit of a chase he'll give in and reveal where he's hidden them!  Everyone thought Hedgie was going to do a few of his favourite songs as an audition but instead he did a soliloquy from Hamlet and had the raggles on their feet at the end!

This was now turning into their own raggly variety show instead of just a few auditions and next came Fancy, recovered from his wardrobe adventure last month, together with Owly, Albee and Moppy they performed a well-rehearsed street dance routine which had everyone dancing in the aisles!

After many curtain calls, Blue Bear called for quiet and announced that as everyone was so good he was tasking the whole RT's to put together their own play to be performed and filmed later in the year.  Meanwhile Blue Bear and HB would visit the theatre and report back.

More theatre news next time from the showbiz Raggle Taggles!  In the meantime remember to have a look at my first two films - HB's Day Out and The All Bear Tennis Club.  See you next time.

Monday, 18 July 2011

Drama in the Raggle Taggles

Drama in the Raggle Taggles

Today was unlike any other in the Raggle Taggle household.

The gang was awoken by a frantic squeaking in the early hours.  A quick survey revealed that one Raggle was AWOL!  The troops were deployed and within a few minutes a scared, shaking Fancy was found atop the wardrobe.

Let me pause the action for one minute to introduce Fancy – or Fancy Pants to give him his full title.  He’s a little blue mouse named Fancy due to the colourful ‘fancy’ badges adorning his ears.  He’s a bit more rough and tumble than some of the Raggles, though with a heart of gold and epitomises the gang’s title ‘Raggle Taggle’.  He’s been with the gang for many years and everyone always loves it when fancy does a turn – he’s a mouse who is rather fond of the stage.

Anyway, back to the action – Fancy is squeaking on top of the wardrobe, Blue Bear is trying to find out why and a solution to bring him back down, I’m trying to keep him calm, the other Raggles are in various stages of panic, unrolling pillow cases, trying to scale the wardrobe or hiding under the bed! 

Suddenly, Blue Bear, Director of Raggling, calls for quiet and manages to coax out of Fancy the reason for all the commotion. Apparently, poor Fancy awoke to find a rather large spider crawling across his nose, startled, he jumped up and scurried straight up the nearest object, the wardrobe, but then was unable to navigate his way down.

After a short deliberation in the corner and calming of the other Raggles, we devised a plan.  Eddie was sent to raid the fridge for cheese, whilst Blue Bear, myself and the others fashioned together a number of hankies.  After a little persuading and an encouraging “1, 2, 3”, little Fancy took a leap and landed safely with the Raggles in the make-shift sheet.

The relieved Raggle Taggles pampered a shaken but happy Fancy.   As a special treat he got to watch TV all evening and relax with a large bar of chocolate on the sofa.

Blue Bear now makes sure a spider check is carried out before bedtime every evening, so a little Fancy Pants can have sweet dreams!

Let’s hope my next blog is not so eventful!  In the meantime please have a look at our latest film  - The All Bear Tennis Club New film in production soon!

Wednesday, 25 May 2011

My little world - Part 1 by Honey Bear

Things I like:

  • Sleep
  • Chocolate
  • BBC4 documentaries
  • Chips on a Thursday
  • Pallling around the flat with Blue Bear and Eddie
  • Planning my next film
  • Being warm and cosy
  • Watching Frasier with Rachel and Rob
  • Mondays

I know I’m a very lucky little bear and there’s nothing I enjoy more than cosying up with Rob and Rachel and settling down to a few hours of TV and a few episodes of Frasier.  Raggle Taggle Eddie of course also enjoys watching his namesake on Frasier too.  I said in my last update I would introduce the Raggle Taggles (RTs).  Well, I’ve mentioned two of my closest chums, so let’s introduce them properly – Blue Bear and Eddie.

Blue Bear

If you’ve seen my first film (HB's Day Out), then you will already know Blue Bear, who had a scene stealing cameo appearance:

Blue Bear is General Manager of the RTs.  He oversees the day to day running of the gang, deals with any problems, sorts out the Thursday chip shop order and books days out.  A lot of the smaller RT’s see him as a big brother figure and go to him if they need some reassurance or are feeling tired or poorly.  He is a cheery bear, loves jazz, tea and cake and a good book.  I won’t always admit it, but I do often go to Blue Bear for advice and often let him get on with organising stuff – he’s much better at it than me!  He also is learning how to direct my next film!


Eddie joined the RT’s last year, after moving from the country to the bright lights of the city.

He has a condition which makes him somewhat flatter than some RT’s, but everyone looks after him and he’s fitted in so well we can’t remember a time without him.  He is close friends with RT Snowy and they like nothing more than to wait by the freezer and see if any ice lollies are going spare! Eddie loves Frasier and bombles around the flat humming the theme tune day and night, much to the RT’s amusement, but occasional annoyance when it’s at 3am in the morning and poor little Eddie is wide awake and can’t get to sleep.

Until next time, when I’ll update you on more Raggle Taggles and another day in the life of a little brown bear!  Thank you for joining me.


Monday, 2 May 2011

Bear on a Monday

I'm confused.  Have you seen my first film yet?  If not, have a look here (HB's Day Out )  Then you might understand what a Monday means to me and why I'm confused.

They're still here today.  Usually on a Monday, there are all the nasty alarms going off far too early for a bear and up they get, rustle and knock about and then in a flurry, leave the house for the day.  Then my week can begin.  This is when my world starts.  Please don't underestimate the life of a bear.  I'm a busy bee - well, no I'm not a bee, I'm a bear, but you know what I mean!

I have paperwork to catch up on - the monthly fish and chip shop bill is just one of the tasks which takes me a while - the Raggle Taggles (I'll introduce you them next time) have a large and confusing order which takes a while to sort out!  Then I catch up on the papers, market news and usually have a meeting or two in my diary.  After that, as is usual a bear needs a beauty nap, followed by a picnic in the park, home to tidy up before they're home again. 

Of course that is an important part of the day, no, let me change that.  It is a statutory requirement for all bears.  It has to be exactly as they left it.  Exactly.  You may think that there wouldn't be much to do.  Let me back-track a bit.  I don't live here alone.  There are also the Raggle Taggles.  They also start their world on a Monday.  They aren't always tidy.  So when I get back from my business meetings, it is all hands on decks to rectify their over-exuberance during the day!  Of course now and again, something gets left - a stray cushion on the floor, a few crumbs on the work surface and maybe a book left out.  Usually those little misdemeanours aren't noticed and we get away with it, sometimes a puzzled look, but they just carry out - usually jokingly blaming us! But the one we can't get away with, the offence that no one speaks of - is not making it back to one's place in time.  Being caught out, mid run back to our places.  It has happened.  I won't pretend that it hasn't.  We don't like to talk about it and generally it's over-looked.

So next time you get home from work...just have a closer look.  And if you do notice anything - please please please, keep it to yourself!