Monday, 2 May 2011

Bear on a Monday

I'm confused.  Have you seen my first film yet?  If not, have a look here (HB's Day Out )  Then you might understand what a Monday means to me and why I'm confused.

They're still here today.  Usually on a Monday, there are all the nasty alarms going off far too early for a bear and up they get, rustle and knock about and then in a flurry, leave the house for the day.  Then my week can begin.  This is when my world starts.  Please don't underestimate the life of a bear.  I'm a busy bee - well, no I'm not a bee, I'm a bear, but you know what I mean!

I have paperwork to catch up on - the monthly fish and chip shop bill is just one of the tasks which takes me a while - the Raggle Taggles (I'll introduce you them next time) have a large and confusing order which takes a while to sort out!  Then I catch up on the papers, market news and usually have a meeting or two in my diary.  After that, as is usual a bear needs a beauty nap, followed by a picnic in the park, home to tidy up before they're home again. 

Of course that is an important part of the day, no, let me change that.  It is a statutory requirement for all bears.  It has to be exactly as they left it.  Exactly.  You may think that there wouldn't be much to do.  Let me back-track a bit.  I don't live here alone.  There are also the Raggle Taggles.  They also start their world on a Monday.  They aren't always tidy.  So when I get back from my business meetings, it is all hands on decks to rectify their over-exuberance during the day!  Of course now and again, something gets left - a stray cushion on the floor, a few crumbs on the work surface and maybe a book left out.  Usually those little misdemeanours aren't noticed and we get away with it, sometimes a puzzled look, but they just carry out - usually jokingly blaming us! But the one we can't get away with, the offence that no one speaks of - is not making it back to one's place in time.  Being caught out, mid run back to our places.  It has happened.  I won't pretend that it hasn't.  We don't like to talk about it and generally it's over-looked.

So next time you get home from work...just have a closer look.  And if you do notice anything - please please please, keep it to yourself! 

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