Sunday, 15 January 2012

A Raggly Taggly New Year!

Happy New Year!

First couple of weeks into the new year and it's been a fairly restful one following festive season antics in Raggle Taggles!

December 22nd was the annual Raggle Taggle Christmas Fancy Dress Party.  It's one of those events in the year that everyone gets excited about and a few of the raggle taggles had been chatting about it for weeks.

What to wear was on everyone's minds, decisions were made and little outfits were being hastily sewn up for pirates, ghosts, .......  Little Fido got a bit confused and as it was a 'Fancy' dress party he thought they all had to come dressed as Fancy Pants the mouse.  He did see the funny side of him in his little mouse costume though and hilarity reigned supreme for a few hours.

Of course, me, Blue Bear and Eddie had our outfits all ready decided on.  I had my Santa Bear out, Blue Bear some Santa trousers and beard and Eddie as a Santa Elf!  Some of the younger raggles got rather excited and thought the real Santa had arrived early!

Following the party, Blue Bear, Eddie and I packed a few bags as we were off on our hols.  Well, Christmas Eve to our old stomping ground at Rachel's parents and then a brand new destination of the wilds of Sutton near Stalham!

I must say a great time was had by all and we celebrated the New Year in style with a party back home.

Onto plans for 2012.  Well once our DoP (Director of Photography) Rachel is feeling better we will be all go on production for my next film.  All under-wraps at the moment, however, I can say that I will be taking in some of the sights of Norwich! Watch this space!

Also new is the 'Honey Bear and the Raggle Taggles' calendar I had printed as a surprise for everyone, which went down rather well!  Anyone want a copy?  Also had a prototype t-shirt printed too, which I would love to go into mass production on but Blue Bear has calmed me down on that one at the moment!

I'm also going to be introducing some special mentions in my blogs for websites and shops I like, people I know and I'll start this month with a couple.  Firstly, Rachel now has her own website, which I rather like at Rachel Banham and the cafe where I filmed 'HB's Day Out' - Cherryleaf Coffee House and a brand new shop opened in Bridewell Alley U and Your Skin

So hopefully next time I'll have more exciting news on my new film.  In the meantime, please keep telling your friends about me and my films and my raggle taggle gang!  HB Productions on You Tube  HB Productions Website Honey Bear on Twitter Honey Bear on Facebook

Have fun.

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