Sunday, 11 December 2011

HB hits the Big Screen!

Well it’s been a while since my last blog, completely unintentionally but it’s been an eventful couple of months in Raggle Taggle land!

It’s getting towards that time of the year when we all get very excited about the arrival of … Santa Bear ........anyway, more on that next time.

About a month or so ago, big news arrived at the Raggle Taggle newsdesk that my films were to be shown on the BBC Big Screen in Norwich! My little films on the Big Screen! Amazing. When I was told, I had to lay down in a dark room for half an hour and needed a large glass of squash to help revive me! I never imagined I’d reach such heights!

Blue Bear decided we needed to plan an announcement to the Raggles properly and they all shortly received an invitation to an event announcing the good news! Everyone turned up wondering what was happening, was the fish and chip budget being reduced, had the sweetie jar run dry...rumours were rife.

Blue Bear called for quiet and asked for attention. The Raggle Taggles hushed. Blue Bear asked what the BBC Big Screen in Norwich and Honey Bear had in common. A few confused Raggles came up with suggestions that it was being moved to the lounge, a couple thought they were having an outing to watch a new film. Finally Blue Bear made the announcement that the first three of HB's films were to be shown on the big screen. Well, pandemonium erupted. Fancy, Snowy and Moppy started running around yelling and wooping, Fido passed out and Albee and Eddie just stood in stunned silence. I called for champagne – though it suspiciously tasted like lemonade and the celebrations went on into the evening.

A few days later Blue Bear and I prepared for a trek over to the BBC Big Screen to see our hard work being shown to the good citizens of Norwich! We made some sandwiches and a flask of tea and took up our positions. We didn't have to wait long and we were rewarded with a brilliant showing of my films.

I was so excited Blue Bear had to tell me to calm down and we got some very strange looks!

It was a very exciting moment for us and I need to thank Becky Betts at the BBC for helping. It has since also been announced that my films are being shown at Big Screens across the country – so watch out for them in a city near you!

Next film? Well, watch this space in the next couple of weeks, we might have something very special just in time for Christmas! Look out for …. Santa Bear!

In the meantime, have a look at my films at HB Productions

Until next time, take care and keep warm.

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