Sunday, 10 March 2013



Welcome to my Biccypedia.

I love biscuits, so I've decided to take on the hard job of sampling biscuits every week and telling you all about them!  It's a tough job, but I'm the bear to do it!

So, without further ado, I will introduce you to my 'Biscuit of the Week'.

Maryland Cookies

If you know me well you will be fully aware that I'm partial to chocolate and biscuits, so if the two can be combined it is a wonderful treat.  So, chocolate chip cookies are a particular favourite of mine.  I love any cookies, but these Maryland Cookies are just right for a little bear like me.  Not too small and not too big but they fill me up.  Of course I like a good crunch in a biccie and these do not disappoint either.  All you can hear from me sometimes is crunch, crunch, crunch.....crunch, crunch, crunch!

Of course Blue Bear has to come and clear up after me as I always get crumbs everywhere. He says that I'm easy to find as a I leave a trail of biccie crumbs wherever I go!  I'll have to do better at finding a hiding place with all my biscuits where no-one can find me, he he he!

I once took to hiding biscuits around the house.  Well, just in case I got peckish going from one room to the next, but I kept forgetting where I'd put them and Blue Bear wasn't very impressed when he found stale biscuits everywhere!

Well, I'd better start planning what biscuits I'm going to choose next week!  Happy crunching.


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