Sunday, 24 March 2013

Biccypedia Number Two

Hello all

HB here with my second entry into my 'Biccypedia'.

I've again been hard at working munching and crunching and dipping and sipping to bring you my biscuit of the week.

So, without further ado, I reveal this week's choice:

Now, okay, maybe I'm being a bit controversial including 'Jaffa Cakes' in my 'Biccypedia', but I enjoy them with a nice cup of tea and I want to include them, so there!

Of course, once I had decided on the Jaffa Cakes for this week, I was very excited. It would need a lot of testing just to find out what my favourite bit is.

It's a hard choice.  The chocolate for me is a big draw which is why I love them.  I'll have chocolate with anything me.  The orangey bit is so sweet and yummy too.  Before long I had managed to get chocolate all over my face and had to go off for a shower and clean up as Blue Bear wasn't very impressed and worried I was going to put my chocolate paws all over the wall!  I think he was more worried about me getting chocolate on his blue fur!

Returning refreshed I popped the kettle on, put my paws up and dished out the rest of the Jaffa Cakes to my raggie pals and we all sat down for an afternoon film.  We're a hungry lot and soon enough there was just one left!  In the end we had to play a game of 'Musical Bears' to get the winner.  It was my pal Fido who won and Fido being the good sort he is, shared it with everyone anyway!

Now, I must remember to get a personal supply of Jaffa Cakes and hide them away for a hungry day.

Until next time, happy biccy eating.


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