Friday, 19 April 2013

Biccypedia #3

Here it is! My third entry into the Biccypedia.

This time I really struggled on what to choose.  So many biscuits.  I spent an hour in the local supermarket going from one to the other and then back again.  I wanted to buy them all but Blue Bear put his paw down and said I needed to choose and quickly as he wanted a cup of tea and looking at all these biscuits was making him hungry.

So I chose and can reveal this time, my Biccypedia choice is...

Yes, the yummy Jammie Dodgers.

I like the crumbliness of these lovely little biscuits. And the little hearts in the middle. That is nice enough and then you get the yummy jammy ooze and I start acting like the Cookie Monster and there are crumbs and jam everywhere!  Blue Bear makes me have a plate when I'm on the Jammie Dodgers.  I say that there's no point having a plate as they'll all soon be gone!  On one shopping trip I was caught loading up my basket with nothing but Jammie Dodgers and Blue Bear made me go and put some back and at least get some fruit and veg. 

I like to stick 'HB' over the 'Everyone loves...' bit on the packet as I do think they should all be mine! He he he.  But I do share them with my Raggie pals and we have little competitions on how long it takes to get to the jam, and who has the most crumbs on them at the end!

I once got in trouble when I was peckish and got up for a secret midnight snack.  I thought I was in the clear until I was rumbled in the morning as little paw prints of jam were found all over my route from the bedroom to the kitchen.  Plus, apparently, all you could hear from the kitchen was 'nom nom nom nom nom'.  Note to self, be quieter and wash your paws next time!

Well, as the last crumb of this week's Biccypedia is polished off by my Raggle Taggle friends, I'll get down to the series business of choosing my next biccie.

Until next time.

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