Monday, 18 July 2011

Drama in the Raggle Taggles

Drama in the Raggle Taggles

Today was unlike any other in the Raggle Taggle household.

The gang was awoken by a frantic squeaking in the early hours.  A quick survey revealed that one Raggle was AWOL!  The troops were deployed and within a few minutes a scared, shaking Fancy was found atop the wardrobe.

Let me pause the action for one minute to introduce Fancy – or Fancy Pants to give him his full title.  He’s a little blue mouse named Fancy due to the colourful ‘fancy’ badges adorning his ears.  He’s a bit more rough and tumble than some of the Raggles, though with a heart of gold and epitomises the gang’s title ‘Raggle Taggle’.  He’s been with the gang for many years and everyone always loves it when fancy does a turn – he’s a mouse who is rather fond of the stage.

Anyway, back to the action – Fancy is squeaking on top of the wardrobe, Blue Bear is trying to find out why and a solution to bring him back down, I’m trying to keep him calm, the other Raggles are in various stages of panic, unrolling pillow cases, trying to scale the wardrobe or hiding under the bed! 

Suddenly, Blue Bear, Director of Raggling, calls for quiet and manages to coax out of Fancy the reason for all the commotion. Apparently, poor Fancy awoke to find a rather large spider crawling across his nose, startled, he jumped up and scurried straight up the nearest object, the wardrobe, but then was unable to navigate his way down.

After a short deliberation in the corner and calming of the other Raggles, we devised a plan.  Eddie was sent to raid the fridge for cheese, whilst Blue Bear, myself and the others fashioned together a number of hankies.  After a little persuading and an encouraging “1, 2, 3”, little Fancy took a leap and landed safely with the Raggles in the make-shift sheet.

The relieved Raggle Taggles pampered a shaken but happy Fancy.   As a special treat he got to watch TV all evening and relax with a large bar of chocolate on the sofa.

Blue Bear now makes sure a spider check is carried out before bedtime every evening, so a little Fancy Pants can have sweet dreams!

Let’s hope my next blog is not so eventful!  In the meantime please have a look at our latest film  - The All Bear Tennis Club New film in production soon!


  1. oh I loved this story, honey bear reminds
    me of me - thank you!

  2. So glad you enjoyed it! His next post will be up in just a few minutes!

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    Thank you.