Tuesday, 23 August 2011

There's no business like show business....

Following last month's high adventure with little Fancy getting stuck on top of the wardrobe, this month has been less adventurous but still very busy in the world of Honey Bear and the Raggle Taggles.

Recently a rumour swept through the raggles that two theatre roles would be up for grabs shortly.  Suddenly aspiring thespians emerged from the raggles, demonstrating their many talents at any given opportunity.

In fact it was the shyest Raggle Taggles which emerged as naturals.  Little Fido was the first to make an appearance.

Fido is one of the original members of the Raggle Taggles and was even in the gang before HB!  He's a shy little white dog who keeps a watchful eye over his section of the RT's - Moppy, Albee, Errol and Snowy.  He usually keeps a low profile but loves surfing the net and relaxing listening to music - he's very much a jazz fan.  He loves any documentaries on space and his favourite food is houmous.

Anyway, little Fido appeared and we thought he was going to introduce another raggle.  Instead he produced a cape and a wand and proceeded to dazzle the Raggle Taggles with amazing magic tricks.  Fido received rapturous applause and announced his show is to be known as 'The Amazing Fido & his Box of Tricks'.

Next up came Hedgie.  Hedgie is a little brown hedgehog.  He is a firm favourite amongst the raggles and loves a good sing song on a Friday night.  He often marches everyone into the lounge and puts a record on.  In fact once he even entered everyone into a singing competition!  Hedgie loves hanging out with Albee and causing mischief, in fact if there any socks missing, Hedgie usually has a guilty grin on his face.  After a bit of a chase he'll give in and reveal where he's hidden them!  Everyone thought Hedgie was going to do a few of his favourite songs as an audition but instead he did a soliloquy from Hamlet and had the raggles on their feet at the end!

This was now turning into their own raggly variety show instead of just a few auditions and next came Fancy, recovered from his wardrobe adventure last month, together with Owly, Albee and Moppy they performed a well-rehearsed street dance routine which had everyone dancing in the aisles!

After many curtain calls, Blue Bear called for quiet and announced that as everyone was so good he was tasking the whole RT's to put together their own play to be performed and filmed later in the year.  Meanwhile Blue Bear and HB would visit the theatre and report back.

More theatre news next time from the showbiz Raggle Taggles!  In the meantime remember to have a look at my first two films - HB's Day Out and The All Bear Tennis Club.  See you next time.

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