Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Blue Bear takes the helm!

Hello, I’m Blue Bear and I’m taking the helm of the blog this month whilst HB has a rest after finishing his latest film.  I might even let you into a few secrets on daily life with HB! 

I know I’ve been mentioned before, but let me introduce myself properly.  My name is Blue Bear and my official title is ‘Director of Raggling’ for the Raggle Taggles.  I like reading The Times on a Sunday, I’m a bit of a sci-fi fan and love Torchwood and Dr Who, am partial to tea and scones and love rock n’roll.  My daily job means looking after finances, managing the fish and chip budget and the weekly order, delegating jobs, making bookings, organising events and generally making sure everyone is a happy raggle taggle.  Also introducing new member’s and buddying them with someone else to make them feel welcome in their new home.  And of course, dealing with any incidents.  You’ve already heard about Fancy getting stuck on top of the wardrobe of course, but there is often something going on.

Like a few days ago when HB was determined that Eddie needed an eye test.  We’re not sure where he concocted this idea, but think he dreamt it. He wouldn’t let it go however and in the end we set up a mini opticians in the lounge just to placate him! Sometimes that’s all it takes!

So, do you really want to know what it’s like living with HB?  Only if you can keep a secret?!

Being honest, it is mostly smooth running, fun and a very happy house and a very happy bunch of raggle taggles.  HB does have his quirks though.

He has recently taken to making somewhat outlandish claims!  These claims are getting more and more ridiculous by the week, however, usually the best policy is to just let him carry on, smile and he soon finds a new subject to talk about!
For example, some of his amazing claims have been:

He was the first bear on the moon apparently.  Before Armstrong, HB bounced out in his little spacebear suit. He then regaled us with tales of how it was fun to start with and he enjoyed having a bounce about but then realised he was a bit sleepy and could do with some tea and cake and a bit of a snooze.  According to HB that is.

How he wowed the audience at the RSC in Stratford with his award-winning, critically acclaimed performance in ‘The Merry Bears of Windsor’.

How he apparently turned down the lead role in ‘Bear without a cause’. The role then went to James Dean and the title changed...

And the other night whilst watching ‘ET’, he claimed that although it’s one of his favourite films, the ending isn’t strictly true as apparently ET lives round the corner in a mansion and is one of HB’s best mates.

To be honest there is rather a lot of this, but it’s what we love about him and why he makes the raggle taggles such a fun gang to be part of!

Anyway, that’s enough from me this month.  I’ve got to get on with some planning for the coming week, but first, while HB is still snoozing I think I’ve time to rest my paws, read the papers and enjoy a big mug of tea!

Remember though, next time you’re watching your favourite film.  If you think you see a little brown bear in the background or think the title of the film has changed, then perhaps HB’s outlandish claims aren’t so outlandish after all...!

Have fun and take care.

Blue Bear

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